We offer a package of products to support teachers and educate students on the concepts in Pre-Calculus. The content of the Pathways to Calculus text was guided by 20 years of research into the foundational understandings, reasoning abilities and problem solving abilities that students need to develop for continuing their mathematics course taking. The goal for EACH student is to:

  • Develop understanding of key ideas that are foundational for calculus - Mathematics education research has uncovered key understandings and reasoning abilities that students need to be successful in beginning calculus. The modules are organized around these key ideas with the text and in-class materials designed to support students in making constructions and connections that will assure that they acquire these understandings.
    <Research articles button>A listing of the articles that have informed the development of text materials follow.
  • Develop fluency and understanding of algebraic procedures and skills needed for calculus
  • Develop ability and confidence in solving novel word problems
  • Improve written and verbal communication abilities